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Re: Molecular Genealogy

To all,
   Watch for an LDS sponsered blood draw conference near you to help build a data base of DNA of 100,000 people worldwide.  I donated my 8cc of blood today.  They are in the beginning stages.  They are utilizing both the Y chromosome and the M factors to help build a database.  

They are willing to travel to sites in targeted areas if they can gather 200 bloodsamples with the donor providing a four generation family tree.  It would have been great for the Sinclair 2000 adventure. They are expecting that it will be several years before study is completed but will offer preliminary data.

They offered an informative lecture. The first sample wasof Brigham Young students. When the results were mapped it clearly showed the migration trail of the LDS people.  I was especially intriqued with the notion that they will be able to identify places of origin for people who were taken from their homelands against their will and therefore had no information on hteir origin.  

On the Sinclair front they could offer definitive lineage to direct male descendents with linkage to known descendents of a particular line.  I expect this is old news to many but hopefully of interest to some. 
       Sincerely,  Marilyn

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