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Re: Fwd: does this sound familiar?

At 15:41 21/01/01 -0500, you wrote:
>A friend who is not associated with Clan Sinclair forwarded this to me. He 
>told me not to visit the Holy Land. I thought it was interesting that it had 
>made The Rumormill. I wonder if anything will ever come of it?
>> > See http://www.rumormillnews.net/cgi-bin/config.pl?read=6488

You might be interested to see this as well;


...The questionable background of Dr. Yehuda Hiss, the coroner - and why
was the hyboid bone at the base of the tongue removed, as well as the
heart? and why did Dr. Hiss refuse to conduct a DNA test confirming that
the deteriorated heart eventually returned to his family was, in fact,
Alasdair Sinclair's?


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