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Re: Language

Title: Re: Language
on 21/01/01 14:04, Niven Sinclair at niven@niven.co.uk wrote:

At 01:15 19/01/01 +0000, you wrote:
Hi Niven
Dose that mean Cymric is now a lost language?
All the best

Yes, except where it exists in place-names.

I have always found the study of place-names to be exciting because they
tell us something about the 'history' of the area.  For example, in my 30
years in Africa, the first thing I would do is to find out the meaning of a
place name e.g.

                       Nairobi                 =       river of black water
                       Nanyuki =       river of red water

The 'na' prefix told me that it was derived from the Masai language whereas:

                       Lulindi         =       place of deep water
                       Kilindini               =       the village in the place of the seep water
                       Malindi         =       the town in the place of the deep water

Quite simply, every name and place-name has a meaning which, when known, can add immeasurably to our

Niven Sinclair

Dear Niven, jambo sana!
It's a small world: I lived in Mombasa, Kenya in 1981-82 with my husband (on a World Bank project, two 735 KV hydro powerlines, one that goes through Tsavo Park, the other from Muhoroni, Lake Victoria to Nairobi).
As for names, they sometimes tell a side of history, for instance, you can guess just how Catholic early Canada was with nearly all the villages, schools, hospitals and streets named after saints...