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Re: Sinclair Dates

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   January 16
   In 1486: Henry VII m. Elizabeth, [2]Marriage of Henry Tudor and
   Elizabeth of York, daughter of Edward IV King of England

James IV of Scotland married Henry's daughter, Margaret,
which meant that, when Henry VIII came to the throne, his
sister was conveniently placed in Edinburgh where she
befriended Patrick Sinclair of Drayden who, as a result,
became the confidant of Henry VIII - so much so that,
when they were in conference, Cardinal Wolsey was required
to leave the room.

It is said that the real reasons why Henry VIII broke with
Rome will be found in the vaults in Rosslyn Chapel.  Whatever
the reason, it had little to do with the number of Henry's wives
but rather with the failure of Rome to 'reform'.  The foundation
for the Reformation was being laid at this time and a Sinclair
was in the middle of it.

Niven Sinclair

   In 1559: Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Tudor crowned as Queen of England.
   Source: Oxford Companion
   In 1604: Hampton Court Conference, [3]John Rainolds moves '...that
   there might bee a newe translation of the Bible.' James VI and I
   approved the motion the next day.
   In 1707: Union of Parliaments, Scottish Parliament voted union with
   the English Parliament. [4]Alexander 9th Earl of Caithness was against
   it and was the last surviving peer of the Scottish Parliament. No
   Scottish Parliament would meet again [5]until 1999.
   In 1759: British Museum, opens in London.


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