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More on St Matthew's church/ Rosslyn


I should not have been so quick in sending the previous one...

Is there any information as to the old church there? I believe Andrew
Sinclair said it was built by Augustin Monks, but he does not give any
sources. Like: from what period does it date? Did this chapel belong to
the village, or just to the Sinclair family?

Also, I visited the chapel on Sunday (I live nearby and enjoyed the walk
in the Glen tremendously as it was a beautiful day around Rosslyn), and
I noticed that alongside the east wall, on the outside, there are seats,
or a ledge, like along the north and south side inside, but more
comfortable. Is it known what the builder thought these seats could be
used for? It would have been a nice view to the East and the upcoming
sun, I guess, when the boundary wall was not in place...


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