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Re: Australian war graves cemeteries in France

Dear laurel,
I wrote these dates down from the registry, so they where most likely killed 
in the same battle, though memorials in different sites. The Adelaide 
cemetery is Australian, the other is the militery cemetery with mainly 
Australians, but memorials to some Canadians. Some French and an American 
were moved from there to other sites.

The Commonwealth war graves commission cares for the graves of/ or has 
memorial names for 843 Sinclair boys around the world. Canadians 108, 
Australian 80, New Zealand 29, India 2, UK and former colonies 611 and South 
African 13.

This might be a silly question, but who cares for the American sites?


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>Two of these men died on 8 Aug. 1918.  I wonder whether they were in the 
>same battle?   Is the Adelaide Cemetery a section in one of the French 

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