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Re: St. Margaret, not tired of this subject yet!

At 21:50 07/01/01 +0000, you wrote:

> "" made and
> this now 'stands' on the window immediately above the stairs leading to
>the crypt. It
> now appears as if it had always been there but the real"" lies immediately
> beneath in the vaults.
> The three non-invasive 'scans' which I have conducted of the vaults would
>tend to
>"""" -
> sacred to the Templars and to the Gypsies. 
> Niven Sinclair

Very interesting... was this the same set of scans conducted by Andrew
Sinclair, describing the frustrated attempt to get a fibre optic cable
camera viewing the space/vault behind three feet of masonry, or an
independant effort on your own behalf?
    Does 'The Black Virgin' refer to Mary, the mother of Jesus, or might it
be an alternative name for 'The Black Madonna'?; Mary Magdelene, she who
has been portrayed washing the blood from Jesus's feet and transferring it
to her own version of the grail. If some writers are correct, the grail is
not just a cup but the 'sangraal', a royal bloodline from the house of
David, represented in a mosaic depicting the grail with a vine.
    According to Laurence Gardner in 'Bloodline of the Holy Grail', Mary
Magdelene was the head sister of the Nazarite Order (the equivalent of a
senior bishop) and was entitled to wear black. 
A statue of her displayed at Verviers, Liege, is totally black with a
golden sceptre and crown, surmounted by Sophia's halo of stars. Her infant
child also wears a golden crown of royalty.
   Jacobus de Voragine in the 'Legenda Aurea' printed in 1483, states that
Mary Magdelene, sister of St. Martha of Bethany, was born into a royal
family. Her father's name was Syro, and her mother's Eucharia; the father
came from Syria. De Voraigne then makes the claim that Martha came into the
possession of three properties, the castle Magdelene, and Bethany, and a
part of Jerulasem - but Marys (Miriams) were, apparently, not allowed their
own property, so it is more likely the joint heritage refers to personal


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