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Canadian history on CBC TV!

To all on the list,
excuse my French (I am not always as clear as I would like to!)
Tonight I saw this 17 million $ CAN TV program produced by the French CBC -
(with our tax money) about Canadian history : In French, this series is
called: «Canada: Une histoire populaire» (Canada: a people story/or: a
popular story). It started just before the federal election campaign, then
stopped, so we were cut off for a while. Now the show is back on the air...
I am very sad to see that the historians paid by the government and the CBC
to reconstruct historical facts did not even say one single word about ANY
Scottish presence, arrival or settlement in Canada prior to Jacques
Cartier's claim to the New World, in Nouvelle-France. That's not just
amazing. It is a distortion of history. And it is broadcasted throughout
Canada right now.

I'm having a realy hard time proving that my ancestor was born indeed in
Nova Scotia in the 1600s - same for his son and wife.  Now I think that I
would be extremely lucky if I ever was to find any tiny bit of proof to that
effect.  Maybe what I am looking for has been gone, erased, destroyed or
forgotten for a long time!

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