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Re: St. Margaret, if you're tired of this subject, just skip this

on 07/01/01 01:50, Spirit One Email at laurel@spiritone.com wrote:

> Here is a chapter in "St. Margaret Queen of Scotland" by Alan J. Wilson...
> This book also says King Edward I took it with him as he left Scotland in
> 1291.  "There is an entry in the cataloge of the Castle Treasury dated 23
> August 1291, noting that 'a silver case of gold in which the cross called la
> blak rode' had been removed." ...
> ...When Margaret died, she was wrapped in a shroud and prepared to be taken to
> her church of the Holy Trinity.  Much secrecy was kept because Donald Bane
> was about to take over the castle and throne...
>... On Sept. 15, 1620 Bishop John Malderus issued letters of authentication and
licensed the relic for veneration.  "In 1627 the relic was moved once more
to the Jesuits of the Scots College at Douai and kept in a silver case..
There its
> authenticiy was attested by Hermann, the bishop of Arras and Boudot his
> successor." (now her hair was fair)  Pope Innocent X's 1645 plenary indulgence
for visiting the relic is again described.
> Laurel
> Portland, OR

Wow - what's the book title? and author?


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