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A Happy New Year - from Donald

It has been said that each person is a very small part of all of his
ancestors combined. What a mixed up bunch of people I have sprouted from.
To my German, Scottish, Irish, English, and French cousins around the world;
I am really pleased to spend a we bit of electronic time with you each day.
The world is really a very small place indeed. I think from time to time
about those brave ancestors who decided to come to America long ago, that I
might be free to worship, or vote, or to speak my mind. So tonight I hoist my
glass to the Sinclairs of Scotland, the Pfaffenbergs of Rhineland, The
Jordans of Ireland, the Rathbones of England, The Beals of France, and all of
their offspring. A Very Happy Hogmanay to you all.
And an extra drink to Dr. Tim.
Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)