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George Sinkler family

Can anyone help me with the family and ancestors of George Sinkler? This is the information given for him on the internet page "Sinkler of Exeter".
(20028) GEORGE SINKLER was a near connection to John Sinkler of Exeter. He was probably the son of James or Joseph Sinkler. He was born as early as 1707 as he was doing business in 1728 and was
          presumably 21 years old. He first appears on the records in Exeter, New Hampshire September 17, 1728 when he contracted to settle upon and carry on land (ten acres) in Nottingham, New Hampshire which
          had belonged to Aaron Morrill of Salisbury, MA. He sold 40 acres of his land on January 8, 1733-34 to Nathaniel Gilman.. He lived in Haverhill, MA July 21, 1743. He lived in Kingston, New Hampshire on
          November 28, 1761. By trade he was called a "Tayler". He lived in Hampstead and died there between April 10 and May 27, 1767 as his will was made on the former date and it was executed on the latter
          date. He married a Hannah who survived him. 

This is what I have so far.

George Sinkler b. abt 1700.
+ Hannah Brown b. Aug 1699 Newbury, Essex, MA
   1. Susannah Sinkler b. abt 1732 m. John Clark Apr 18, 1753
   2. Sarah Sinkler b.Sept 04, 1734
   3. Hannah Sinkler b. Mar 23, 1739 m. Moses Poor Mar 31, 1767

Thanks for your help,
Ron Clark

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