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RE: Oak Island markings



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Subject: Oak Island markings


William: (Subject: markings on a stone found in the Oak Island pit, ostensibly Coptic. I'm requesting an exact copy if extant.)


In trying to track this "stones'-markings-interchange" I'm a bit confused and hope someone can weigh in: "Does anyone have a copy of the script apparently judged as Coptic by early scholars?"




William: This system ("Reshel") exists in Nova Scotia; about five persons have independently discovered most of the grid including its duplication in the Canadian and US East Coast. If we could do this then it would be entirely logical that earlier persons, particularly Masons, could "read the grids" and understand Oak Island's function. Protosiniatic Hebrew has the grid code and has obviously spanned the ages, since about 1500 BCE, so it is possible that it might have been used mixed in with other markings. I could determine this if I could see the original exact copy.


Well, Bill you cannot…unless you’re even more talented than I believe you to be…

OK maybe an exact copy exists somewhere, but it is not on the replica stone in Dan Blankenship’s Museum on Oak Island, nor is it in any of the books – which all print a copy of Dan’s REPLICA Stone. I’m particularly interested in the real stone, which was dug out of the Money Pit at the 90’ level in 1804…it has been variously described as being rare and not native to N.S, but descriptions of size, shape and inscription vary. The Stone was tossed aside almost immediately, became part of Anthony Grave’s fireplace in his house on the island in the mid-19th Century, then was used in a printer’s shop in Halifax till it was worn almost smooth…then it was put on display in the window of the printers, then it disappeared around 1906 or 08…you’ll have to forgive my vagueness, this is from memory…Susan Marsh and I are currently cross-referencing all the OA Books and this info will be at our fingertips, with page numbers in the various books by January…right now…I can’t even begin to look…I’ll try to pull some more on the stone…I’m going into R.V. Harris’s personal archives this week, in particular to see what he has to say about the stone…

            Bill, I don’t know Yiddish from Coptic, but I’ll repeat what I said on this list a month ago – anyone who says they have a copy of what was on the stone is lying, or should be made to prove where their copy came from…because, there isn’t one – at least not a true copy that just anyone has access to.

            Every one uses this stone as evidence of this or that theory – but the “evidence” has been missing for more than a century...and no reliable copy of the inscription exists. Lots of people have copies (I have seen several different versions) but they’re absolutely not real without a traceable pedigree – and you’re hard pressed to find someone who will give you that…

            Sorry…I can e-mail you a scan off-list from one or more of the books, but Bruce probably has a pic somewhere…

 I think he and I disagree about this…not sure…

                        rob cohn

                                    Nova Scotia