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Re: Fw: worth passing on

I saw a sticker on the back of a truck the other day that read as follows:
 The Flavor of Peace stays forever with those that have fought for it ,
unknown to those they protected!
  My father is a WWII Veteran , he drove a landing boats on shore in France
on D -Day. When I watched the movie Saving Private Ryan and saw how bloody
the sea was I ask him, and he said Oh it was worse! He said alot of the men
jumping off his boat to shore would drowned also in sink holes for their
equipment was to heavy and they couldnt get it off in time.  I know as a
child he never really would talk about it until now. He was the fouth out of
eight of his siblings that inlisted and fought in WWII. His oldest sister was
a Wack and his two older brothers were in the Army. My father came home to my
mother Christmas Eve 1946 , with only the scares in his mind. All Four
St.Clair Children came home safely. My father lost his youngest brother in
Korea , four days before his 18th birthday.  I had cousins alot older then
myself that fought in Vietam, my fathers words were we have to do what we
have to do . Prot! ect those that can't themselves as he said when I ask about
Desert Storm. He also told me never in his life time did he ever dream that
Russia as he knew it would fall or the walls in Germany would. He said he had
to fight because what was happening over seas could come home to America ! He
nor his siblings ever got a big award but the taste of freedom still is with
in them. They let it spill over to their children and made us aware that our
Freedom only comes with the price of our family memebers that have fought.
 Timberly St.Clair Robertson