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Some Observations at 4am

There are a few more great articles at www.caithness.org this morning. One 
speaks of the bloody history of Dirlot Castle, with Sinclair connections. 
There is also apparently a book in the Wick Library, which is located on 
Sinclair Terrace if I'm not mistaken, concerning excavations in Caithness. 
The above mentioned web site lists an index to these volumes. I would be 
quite interested in reading about one mentioned "The Earldom of Caithness". 
There are also excavations at various Viking graves, castles, and towers. I 
did stop in at the Wick Library while in Caithness, alas how could one sit 
inside for long while in Wick for the first time?

I just received an E-mail from Rory. I'll bet he has yet to retire from last 

Also one from Gary. I'll assume he has just awakened.

As for me, I'm always awake at this wee hour due to 20 years of an early work 
schedule coupled with a one hour commute to work. Even on weekends and 
vacations, I cannot change my internal clock. Judy and I are flying to sunny 
Florida later today. That means while she sleeps, I'll be on a predawn stroll 
down the beach. Even the seabirds think I'm insane.

Donald Sinclair (Indianapolis)
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