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Re: Happy Christmas

To all the many and Varied Sinclairs and their friends:

Seasonal Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year.

It has been a marvellous year, crowned, in my view, by the moving ceremony
of Peace and Friendship at Guysborough in early Septmeber. The expression on
Grand Chief Sylliboy's face as he received and displayed the Sword of Peace
is permanently etched in my mind's eye. Graven in my soul is the memory of
three even more remarkable and their contribution to the day. Niven
Sinclair, who made it all possible and who gave the speech of his life.
Laura Zolo, whose courageous exploits live in all our hearts. Lastly, but
certainly not the least, the courage, humility and spiritual insight of that
great soul Rita Joe. It has been a remarkable year - may the coming year
bring you all equal blessings.

Best wishes

Tim Wallace-Murphy.

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