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Kirkwall Scroll?

I am interested in any & all information regarding the Kirkwall Scroll. 
Is there a way for me see and/or copy the photograph from the Daily Telegraph you pointed out in this old email from July 23?
I have preordered the book, "The Secret Scroll".  I received a copy of the video, "The Secret Scroll" a few weeks ago.
I am trying to gather this information to present it in a Masonic research paper to our Michigan Lodge of Research which meets in February.  The book may arrive a bit too late to use so I may have to resubmit it for the meeting in May.  However, there are many who wish to see something earlier than May!
Sincerely Yours,
Jerry Gibbons
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Subject: Kirkwall Scroll

I have now posted the photograph from the Daily Telegraph on our Website, linked from the home page.  See the URL below.

Yours aye

Iain Laird

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