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SINCLAIR of Longformacus

Can anyone please fill me in regarding SINCLAIR of Longformacus?  It would 
seem that one of my 12 x Gt Grandmothers was Elizabeth, daughter of Robert 
SINCLAIR of Longformacus.  According to Burke's "Landed Gentry" (1894) she is 
described as having married Robert TROTTER of Catchelraw, Berwickshire 

I have come across a few references to this branch of SINCLAIR, but have so 
far been unable to ascertain how they fit into the main family and how they 
came to be in this part of Scotland and when they left.  According to the 
family website John SINCLAIR of Longformacus was created Baronet of Nova 
Scotia in 1636.

Any information would be very much appreciated.

Clive Smith
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