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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Tomorrow:  December 11.
   In 1936: Edward VIII abdicates, King Edward VIII of England abdicates
   on 10 December and announced it to the public during a radio address
   11/12, saying "I have found it impossible to carry on the heavy burden
   of responsibility and to discharge the duties of King as I would wish
   to do without the help and support of the woman I love." 12/12, after
   Edward had already departed for Austria to stay with friends, his
   brother, now King George VI, named him the duke of Windsor.
   In 1936: George VI, King of Britain.
   In 1906: Captain John Sinclair Secretary for Scotland,
   [2]Captain John Sinclair of Lyth MP - created Secretary [of State] for
   Scotland, Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland and Privy Counsellor in
   Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman's Liberal Government.
   In 1698: Maurepas in Darien, Arrival of the Maurepas.
   In 1688: Sack of Rosslyn Chapel, Shortly after the protestant William
   of Orange had landed in England and displaced the Catholic James II, a
   mob from Edinburgh and some of the villagers from Roslin entered and
   damaged the [3]Chapel. Their object was to destroy the furniture and
   vestments, which were now regarded as Popish and idolatrous.
   In 1688: Glorious Revolution, Catholic King James II of England and
   VII of Scotland was driven from London by an almost-bloodless revolt;
   succeeded by [4]William and Mary.


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