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At 08:44 03/12/00 +1300, you wrote:
On the lighter side regarding ties,  as convenor of the Property and Finance committee at the Dunedin Presbytery for seven years I was responsible  for setting and allocating to each parish's  their years mission budget.  At the monthly meeting when reporting to the Presbytery I wore a dress tartan if the budget was being met,  But if the budget was behind allocation I wore the hunting tartan, this became a visual indicator to the meeting that they were to receive a stern reminder. This action had a humorous effect one year when I about to address the meeting,  a senior minister came forward and distributed toffees having noticed that I wearing my dress tie,  and he was certain that the budget had been met.  My ties were a visual indicator and reported the financial  situation  without words
                                       Dunedin N.Z.

Now that is what I call "symbolism".