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Re: Fw: worth passing on


Gordon Sinclair was a very well known Canadian journalist who was a
regular panelist on the old CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
program "Front Page Challenge".

The show featured hidden guests representing current news stories and
the panel's job was to identify either the guest or the story.

It was hosted by Fred Davis and also featured Pierre Burton as one of
Sinclair's fellow panelists. Burton has written many history books on
Canada and is still alive and well today.

In true Scot fashion, one of Gordon's favorite questions of the guests
was "How much money do you make"? He was much admired for his fiesty
attitude and tough questions.

The show is still in reruns on one of the Canadian specialty TV channels.

As I recall, this was written in the mid 60's and I always thought it
still applies today.


Donald Sinclair
Alberta, Canada

dgiff245 wrote:
> I thought this might be something that would interest our group.
> Does anyone know Gordon Sinclair?
> Dorothy Gifford
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