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Re: Fw: worth passing on

This American wife thanks you very much for printing the story. I have one of
my own to tell. Veterans Day has come and gone once again, and Thanksgiving,
yet still every year since 1990 I carry the thought of those days within my
heart for days to follow. My husband Scott is a Desert Storm Veteran and a
very proud American as well. He says his pride comes from those before him,
instilled as a child from his father Neil Sinclair from Scotland and his
fathers before him. The Sinclair men in his family are very strong. Our
daughter Kathryn was just two weeks old when he left, and nearly 1 when he
returned, totally unknown to her. I remember going to the bank one day to do
the usual, when I heard this women complaining about the American Soldiers in
Saudia Arabia, how she didn't understand what they were doing, and calling
them stupid, Jack***** and how she was glad she had no sons to go an! d fight,
only daughters. Well, she went on and on until I just couldn't take it
anymore! I do have some what of a temper, plus all of the employees in the
bank new myself and my husband very well, and knew where he was. I turned to
her and said what makes you think that we as americans will stand for anyone
raping and taking what's not there's, we don't stand for it here and we will
not stand for it anywhere else. And as for your daughters, if we were at war
and it was happening to you and yours, you would be the first to jump behind
my husband holding an M-16. So you shouldn't bash them until you know what
you are talking about. Then when the war was over I remember being on cloud
nine waiting for my husband to come home, when the phone rang and it was him.
He said they needed vollenters to stay to help clear the mine fields in
kawait, My first response was no, and why you. He then said to me Laura there
is so much here I ca! n't begin to tell you, but what I will tell you is I
can't it good conscious come home and look into my daughters eyes knowing I
have left something undone. He felt he had to stay and make it safe for the
children over there. No he didn't come home decorated or a hero,  but My for
my eyes and his daughters he will forever be one. I guess I just wanted
others to know even the small sacrifices to us here are big else where! I
hope I didn't go on to much! Laura Sinclair