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Re: Tartans of Scotland - Index

Rory, when I first saw the "reproduction" Sinclair, it was billed by one of 
our major kilt suppliers, who has been setting up his shop at all the Games 
for years, as reflecting the "natural" colors available in Scotland in the 
long ago times.  They got the idea from the appearance of a peice of kilt dug 
out of the ground at Culloden, presumably Clan Donald Hunting.  I suppose the 
concept could be applied to all of the clan tartans  which have a "hunting" 
mode, all of which utilize the "muted" colors. Most of the Sinclairs I know 
of who bought one had not yet gotten the Red, or wanted some alternative to 
either of the "modern" kilts.  My own preferance for appearance was the 
"muted" red, but the only one I came across belonged  to a tall, spare young 
man who was tragically killed before he had much of a change to wear it; his 
mother sold it to me for a very reasonable price, and I bestowed it upon my 
tall, spare eldest son, who wears it with pride.

I like your new address it's easier to type.  I trust you will have an 
outstanding Christmas and holidays.  Keep your pipes dry, and have one for 
Culloden as well.

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