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Re: Nigel Tranter - Attn. Niven

Dear Niven,
                 I fully concur with Margaret's statement re Sinclairs' 
longevity.  You should probably live into your nineties with very little 
problem.  You live a healthy life style.  You have many positive thinking 
companions, and most importantly you have very many family people rooting for 
you. Just think of all the things you still want to do in your life and you 
will find you do not have time to even think of your demise. Wish we lived 
closer so we could come in for a chat to cheer you up!  We all love you Niven 
and hope you will be around for many more years.  Take it a day at a time and 
you'll be here for a long time.  Lots of love,  Donald & Mary. 
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