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RE: Rosslyn Chapel flowers

The Rosslyn Chapel guide book states that the roof interior "is divided
into five sections powdered with diaper work. The first section is
decorated with daisies ...; the second panel contains a profusion of
lillies ...; the flowers opening to the sun in the third section are in
adoration; while the fourth section contains roses ....  The final section
is ...a profusion of stars, containing within them a cornucopia, a dove,
four guardian angels, the moon and the orb of the sum." p. 16-7.(I have
omitted the interpretation.)

The description first published in 1778 is even less detailed, "The inside
of the high arched roof is all cut out into squares of various figures in
flower-work, particularly roses, foliage, &c." p.31.

The pictures on p.16-7 in the guide book indicate that in the third
section, while one flower image predominates, there are several different
types of flowers around the edges. My guess is that no one has identified
the particular flowers making up this section, possibly because the the
point is, as quoted, that they are opening up "in adoration".

However, unless they were intentionally symbolic representations, they must
have names!
Ian Sinclair
Richmond Hill, Ont, Can.

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