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Re: Oak Island

Dear friends,

I ahve always viewed the allegations the Prince Henry had anything to with
Oak Island with considerable scepticism for the folling reasons, amon

1) there is not one shred of evidence anywhere linking the St Clairs with
Oak Island other than Niven and Malcolm's visit earlier this year.

2) Most of theories suggesting such a link come from highly imaginative
(please not the careful phraseology) authors who tend to support oddball
theories linking the non-existant Priory of Sion' to the St Clairs'.

3) The estimated timescale of Henry's voyages to and stays in the North
American continenet can only just encompass his visits to Nova Scotia,
Westford and Newport with all that happened at these sites and cannot,by any
stetch of the imagination, include the construction of the complex tunnel
system which was deliberately designed to protect the so-called 'Money Pit'.

Lastly, the truly inexplicable mystery about the Money Pit is simply this:
How did so many hard-headed businessmen allow themseleves to be conned into
sinking such vast amounts of money into such a dubious venture?

Best wishes


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