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RE: Sinclair matters - Communication Redux

Dear Rob,

You wrote;
Subject: RE: Sinclair matters - Communication Redux

There has been an occasional flurry in the past month of Sinclair messages
on my e-mail. An Oak Island posting by Bruce several months back drew me
over to have a look at the Prieury of Sion list for a while and I've been
trying to deal with 70-80 postings a day on that list (about 5% of which
seem to contain some form of nasty Sinclair slagging)... some of them
thousands of words of detailed historical exploration...it's a great deal of
information to absorb...
	Don't waste your energy attacking each other (could that be termed a
Sinclair trait?)...you should be over on the POS list defending
yourselves...or trying to comprehend Bill Buehler's e-mails...

	Aren't you all supposed to be out looking for the Holy Grail?

				be well,
					rob cohn
					halifax, nova scotia

Basically, I have suspended my particiaption from the Prieury of Sion list;
Because I am just too busy to filter through 70-80 extra posts a day.
Some of the more active members seem to have a grudge against the Sinclairs;
Most are receptive to Prince Henry etc, but it became a bone of contention
with some, that I would rather not watse my time having to explain to those
not interested in the first place, and second having no answers to the
evidences I have provided.
They just refused to believe, because they didn't like it, and thought the
Zenos, Venetians were lying fakes, Prince Henry was a fake, the map was a
fake, the Norwegian, Norman and Rsslyn inheritence were all dubious, that
New World evidence was selective and not Templar or from Prince Henry's
jounrey. etc etc.

I am too busy to get into arguments with people.
After restating all the evidence on at least three occasions, I received a
great deal of positive feedback from the grudge free majority.
At the end of the day, I know I have freed my mind to accept things on
balance, knowledge is power, and its an exciting time for all Sinclairs.

Love to all

Who serves the Grail?
We all do, in any way we can.
The grail is on the outside as Bill has stated in a physical sense, and its
on the inside permeating as our own quest.
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