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Re: Two Books

At 07:18 16/11/00 +0200, you wrote:
Two books are available for sale in Cape Town, which may interest some
One is Sinclair Stevenson's The Gordon Highlanders 1968
( about 27 Pounds)

and the other is The Gram (  A social magazine founded by
British POW in Pretoria )  52 pp  1900 Ed JFH St Clair
Erskine.(about 150 Pounds)
If anyone is interested they could contact africana@clarkes.co.za
Mark Anderson

Dear Mark,

I have sent for the book by JFH St Clair Erskine even although, if
the information is correct, works out at 3 per page!!

I hear from Hazel Lindsay occasionally.

Are you in touch with Dave Mitchell.  We had some excellent photographs
of the Cape Town Highlanders.  Incidemtally, Dave might be interested in
the book on the Gordon Highlanders as his lot wear the Gordon tartan.

In haste,