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Re: Nobody's Baby

Dear Donald:
I feel I have to say a little something here with regard to brouhaha
developing on iron undepants.
First I will tell a wee story that occurred here about 15 years ago.
During a Parliamentary Debate, The Honourable Sheila Copps, now Secretary of
State in the present Liberal governement, was once taking to task the
Honourable John Crosbie, then I believe Minister of Finance in the Tory
Government of Brian Mulroney.
Sheila was an excellent debater, and on this occasion, got a very good shaft
into the hide of Mr. Crosbie.  John Crosbie had been bested, he knew it but
he began his response with "Listen Baby,  you should learn how to keep your
voice down"  Sheila rose to her feet and on a point of personal priviledge
shouted back in perfect pitch " I am NOBODY'S BABY".   It was not entirely
obvious at the time, but it became a rallying point for women who had felt
for years that no matter how smart they were or how right they were,
somebody was always going to say "Dear"" Honey" or "Baby".
Sheila Copps went on to write her biography and the title was, you guessed
it "Nobody's Baby"
John Crosbie,  a wonderful Newfoundland character that he was (and is), was
seen by all to have stepped over a line and it followed him the rest of his
political life.
The problem as I see it is this Donald:  when you, or anyone  does this,  it
patronizes the receiver out of existence  -- as is their woman-hood
invalidates any statement they make and that is a problem for me.
Thanks for your many other contributions however.
Rory in Toronto.

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