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Re: Address

Hi Joan and Roy,
I am not to sure if I should be sending this email, and not the Chief, but I think there is a misunderstanding regarding the goods we sent out to you.
It is my understanding that the goods were sent for sale, by the Clan Sinclair New Zealand, and a percentage of the sales were to be retained by you to assist Clan funds, and the rest to be sent back for our funds, if there is another arrangement please let me know, the goods are not excess stock, but a part of our main stock of material on sale all the year round.
Best wishes
Ian Of Noss Head
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Sent: Saturday, November 11, 2000 9:10 AM
Subject: Address

        Hello from the Sinclair Clan.
Suzzane could you please give me your snail mail address I have the Templar Video for sending to you,  the clan also has received videos of the Caithness Coast, Sinclair Castles, Rosslyn Chapel along with other Sinclair articles, ie Teddy Bears wearing the Sinclair Tartan, Clan T Shirts, Blue ties with the cockerel only . These have been sent to the clan by the Clan chief, to help the finances. They are part of the excess stock from the 2000 Gathering held in August where the founding of the NZ Clan was announced. The Clans in USA, Canada & Australia also received stock from the Chief also we are now communicating  with them and receiving there newsletters. So things are moving along and I hope to have a NZ  newsletter out shortly.
        In the meantime regards
                                                Roy Sinclair