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Re: Rosslyn Chapel a question

Tim said in response to the question about the Chapel's consecration:

> Allegations that Rosslyn was consecrated and, after the supposed 'murder'
> the Apporentice, was re-cosecrated have never been confirmed in any
> documentation that I have seen. As far as I am aware, Rosslyn was
> consecrated for the first time after the visit by Queen Victoria and on
> instructions - unless anyone else knows better?

A recent guidebook provides some additional information to that supplied by
Tim.  It claims that the Chapel ceased to be used as a house of prayer
following the demolishing and removal  of its altars in 1592.  The Chapel
was rededicated on April 11, 1862 by the Bishop of Edinburgh.  Today, The
Collegiate Church of Saint Matthew conducts weekly services to a small
congregation.  It is a member church of the Scotish Episcopal Church.  For
more information, you can phone 0131-447 8106.  Or, as Tim suggests, you can
contact Stuart Beattie.

Great Falls, Virginia

As an end note, a recent guidebook claims that the Chapel was redicated

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