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Re: Chretien de Troyes

Dear Donna,
Our copy is in the Penguin Classics series. It's title is Arthurian 
Romances,tr.with an introduction and notes by William W. 
Kibler.  1991.  Problem is I think we bought it in  either America, England 
or Australia. We were overseas in 1993 and bought a great deal of material. 
There is no outlet tag on it and of course Penguin prices for all major 

By the way it is not the easiest version of the stories but  (shrug of 
shoulders) that's life.
Good luck with finding a copy.

>   Could you please tell me where you acquired the book?  As I told 
> Francine, I am also decended from the Plantagenets and would very much 
> like to read this book.
>   Thanks,
>   Donna Willis

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