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Re: Donna, re strange happenings at the polls

At 10:48 AM 11/12/2000 -0500, Rebecca wrote:

>Yes, I agree that it is strange that there was initially only one state 
>where there was a problem, especially since it is the only state where one 
>presidential candidate has a brother as the governor of that state and 
>whose father was a former president of the US, and also the candidate's 
>father was a former head of the CIA.  Also, both father and son are 
>members of the Skull and Bones Society, of which I have heard some 
>sinister things.

Sounds like another "vast right-wing conspiracy" to me.  I am sorry, John, 
but I cannot let this one go by.  To imply that the problems of the 
Democratic voters in Palm Beach county, Florida (which could not be 
duplicated in several experiments by 2nd- and 4th-graders), may be due to 
the CIA, which was once led by the Republican candidate's father, is simply 
too much to stomach.

In my opinion, the problems of the Democratic voters in south Florida, are 
simply an indication that they have learned their lessons well from the 
Clinton administration:  deny, delay, accept no responsibility for your 
actions, blame others for your problems.  Congratulations, Mr. President, 
that is your true legacy!

Richard Huseth

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