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Popular Vote vs Electoral College Vote


It is my belief that the fathers of this country knew what they were doing
and we should thus leave it alone.

By popular vote such things as "Civil Rights"  would never of passed in the
1960's. It would not have even come close.

The people of the highly populated states could rule by majority.  Highly
populated states could pass bills that would benefit them, whereas states
with less population might have problems passing bills.

Popular vote could make unthinkable laws pass.  We would never think of
passing a law that would make RAPE legal.  Men could vote in majority and
pass laws doing such.  We know this would be wrong.

If the ballots from overseas come in and Gore overtakes Mr. Bush, will the
democrats still want a hand count and still want to revote?  I guess not.

I voted for almost all democrats for many years.  My country has changed and
the democratic party has changed.  It is nothing like it was when I was
younger.  I cannot vote for a party that has beliefs that the democratic
party now has.  I am not that much for Mr. Bush, but you and I both know
right from wrong.

There are some people that do not need to vote.  If we are not informed or
do not have the knowledge to vote we should not.  I did not vote for some
ammendments in this state because I did not have knowledge of what I should
do.  Some people in Florida and others in EACH of the other states should
not vote because they lack the knowledge.  Just because the leaders of my
union or my civil rights group , say to vote for a certain candidate, is not
what we should do.  This is not best for us and not best for this country.

I keep seeing people talk about this country being a democracy.  If I am
correct, it  was meant to be a republic and not a democracy.
................. "and to the Republic for which it stands".  One nation,
under GOD..............................       May GOD help the leaders of
this country to do what is right----- not what sinners like you and I wish
for our own personal gain.

Steve Cooper
75 Cooper Drive           scooper75@mindspring.com
Florence, Alabama

I research the following surnames:  COOPER, KOONCE YOUNG, ROGERS,

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