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Re: the fat lady refused to sing

Title: Re: the fat lady refused to sing
Have you ever had to add your checkbook several times before you could reconcile it? Now apply that to the millions of votes cast.
Our founding fathers did not ever want under 10 states being able to determine the leader of a country that (now) has 50 states.  This was and still is our guarantee that 50 states should be necessary to decide the presidency.  If you will look at the US map showing the states divided between the two candidates you will see just how important our electoral college is.  When unions and political machines rule our country's leader, we are in a very precarious situation.  Unfortunately we have too many sheep and not enough independent thinkers.  Case in point - we have a very dearly loved friend who freely admits that he would vote for the devil himself if he was a registered democrat!  We also have a friend who is a Republican who admits the same thing.  We also have a friend who was under extreme pressure from the NAACP to vote the way they dictated their people to vote.  The only solution is to teach our children to be independent thinkers.
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Subject: Re: the fat lady refused to sing

On the news yesterday: Senator Hilary Clinton (amond others) said she would support a constitutional amendment to change the voting process from a collegiate vote to a universal vote - meaning,the winning candidate would the one who gets the greatest number of individual votes from the people. Period. On the other hand, when you hear a Republican senior adbvisor admit that
« there was always a litle fraud here and there and it never mattered before, why would it matter now? Because there is such a close gap?»...  Coming from the international leader of supreme democracy, that's a VERY bizarre and revealing message to send to the rest of the world.