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Red Hair

Subj: Red Hair.
I am Swedish/German, a skoshy bit of French, but my wife (a MacLean for her sins) stoutly maintains her superiority with the Celt myth that Celt red-heads have special spiritual/psychic empowerment ...clairvoyant, all wise, et al. The Celt color of very dark hair with red glint would be very special in this line, truly one who must be obeyed. The men only slightly less so, female noblese oblige.
I am convinced of the truth of the temper situation and I subscribe to the idea that one who has super sensitivity must learn to work with it without the constant belaboring of we less favored Northern Michigan Chermans with prematurely grey hair.
With 3 bows to you red-heads and 1 grovel,
Bill Buehler