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Election Day 2000 in the USA

Reading other comments on our very tight presidential
election yesterday leads me to offer my own experience
as a Democratic Poll Watcher here on Long Island, NY.

A total of some 600 plus were registered in the two
election districts coming to the poll where I worked,
and some 500 showed up to vote, many bring childen
into the polls with them to learn what it was all
about.  I was impressed, since I had not worked in the
polls since over 50 yearsd ago, when I lived in the
Chicago area and volunteered to be a poll watcher in
the first ward during an attempt to clean up the
nefarious political system in that city.  Here I had 
expected a high turnout, but not 80%, which is most
unusual in these parts.  The fact that there are still
votes to be counted the next day, and the possibility
that the final results will be delayed for some time,
is indeed a good sign, I think, for a renewed interest
in the political process here.  Another observation,
many of the voters were obviously new voters, newly
become citizens, from India, China and other parts of
the globe.

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