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Re: Lost Ark of the Covenant


I have purchased a copy of the video, "The Lost Ark" presented by Bruce Burgess.  The content was very good but the way it was presented did not seem to help.  It is still worth seeing. 
Of course, if I had not seen the following video first I would not be so negative.  
Try to get the video, "The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant", volume #6529, which came as part of a 4 volume set entitled, "THE HOLY QUEST -- In Search of Biblical Relics.  Copyright 1996 Newbridge Communications Inc.  On the back of the tape it says to call 800-275-5126 or 609-275-1400  The problem is I do not think it is possible to buy these tapes any longer!  If you are able to find a source please let me know!  If you would like to discuss how you might otherwise get a copy write me at P.O. Box 32, Bedford, MI 49020, USA  The video is copywrited so it would be legally difficult for me to make copies of my own.  But you really need to see it!  Graham Hancock is in this video and it is a first rate production!  You will not be disappointed by going to the trouble to get this video, I assure you!
I could try to review the video and explain why I feel so strongly about this.  If any are interested reply to me, Jerry Gibbons, at templar@net-link.net  I am not interested in any financial gain or doing anything illegal.
Both the videos are good and offer the viewer something more to think about.
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Subject: Lost Ark of the Covenant

Discovery Civilisation is showing a documentary about the Ark of the Covenant, suggesting it lies in Rosslyn Chapel's vaults.  It was made in 1997 and is presented by Bruce Burgess.  Listed in the credits is "Mr Niven Sinclair", and though there is much in it which is correct, it seems to have been drawn from various established sources including Graham Hancock, Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, and indeed Niven's own material. 

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