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Re: Marks in graveyards

on 06/11/00 06:44, Niven Sinclair at niven@niven.co.uk wrote:

> At 11:47 05/11/00 -0500, you wrote:
>> Greetings o all,
>> I remember reading a few years ago about some red mark painted on a wall in
some graveyeards (South of France). Apparently, that secret
>> mark would indicate that a member of a royal family was buried in the
> Sorry, Francine, I cannot help you on this one but I am sure that there are
> others
> on the list - JSQ, for example, who was recently in Britanny, or
> labohotirre - will be able to answer your query and, thereby, fill a gap in my
own knowledge.  Thank you  for raising the question.
> Niven
> Dear Niven,m
Thank you for responding. I should have mentioned that I DID notice such a
red mark in Rennes-le-Château - on the exterior wall of the small church in
Saunière's graveyard (during my trips in 94 and 99), yet nobody could
explain. Except that, foolish as I can be!, I just cannot remember where I
read about the significance of such a mark. But I DO remember about it. In
my belief, Rennes-le-Château is a beautifully strange, falsy esoteric and an
evidently overly done cover-up to mesmerize, distract, confuse people away
from more significant and smaller « signs». In my humble and amateur
opinion, Saunière's décor was meant to DISTRACT any attention from more
important, interesting and very subtle things that are historically
meaningful... Here I go again!: I am going to be marked... with red marks!!!
Rem,ember, my self-introducing question just a few months ago about «
reddish birthmarks»?  Now this!!! Oh, dear Niven, forgive me for I do not
know really where the hell I am heading BUT I am looking hard and am
enjoying every minute of it!



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