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Re: Shetland ponies

    "Return with us now those thrilling days of yesterday, when out  of the past comes the thundering hoff beats of that great Sinclair horse, Norseman."---  My vote goes to Norsewoman. 
Remember the story of Norseman (can also be found in the History pages www.clansinclairusa.org  under "the Miners")   who was owned by   
Laurie (Laurence) Sinclair  a Norseman, a native of the Shetland Islands, from where his family, parents and six children, emigrated to Australia in January 1864.  He was a descendant of Thomas Sinclair of Skelberry and his extended family wound up in the crofts at Dunrossness before several of the sons set sail for Western Australia.  Quite a few daughters in these generations married into Irish and Shetland families.  Ray Lower, Genealogist, Clan Sinclair USA has more on this line.
(so there is even a Shetland link)

    Prior to his success on the Gold fields he worked with the Dempster Brothers when they pioneered Esperance.  It was after an unsuccessful visit to the Coolgardie Gold (Australia) field in 1893, when returning to Esperance via Dundas, he was told that his brother George and Jack Allsop were prospecting out from Dundas, 14 miles to the north.  He decided to look them up.  They were in the vicinity of the town now called Norseman and investigating a few specks of alluvial gold in a small gully.  
   Upon reaching George's camp, Laurie tethered his horse to a tree for a well deserved rest. During the night the horse became restless and pawed the ground.  The next morning,  When Laurie was attending to his horse's needs, he noticed that the animal appeared to be lame and he immediately began to inspect the horse's hooves to find the cause.
   It was soon apparent that a rich specimen of gold bearing quartz was stuck in the animal's hoof.  Full of excitement, Laurie told his brother of the find and they both agreed that a rich gold bearing reef of quartz existed in close proximity to the area the horse had pawed.  After much labor of picking and shoveling the ground around the pawed area, a rich quartz reef was located by the brothers Sinclair and John Allsop.

Laurie Sinclair filed the First Reward Claim of the new filed at 3 p.m. on the 13th day of August,1894. Laurie, a proud "Norseman" himself, had named his horse, Norseman, after this origin of the Clan Sinclair.  Consequently, Laurie named the new goldfield "Norseman" which is still the name of the town which sprang up around the find.

Maybe there is a Norwegian word we could use instead of woman or filly or pony?  The name then becoming Norse_____.