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sinclair-digest V2 #305

Hello to all on the list. With a little spare time on my hands, and the
same pet peeve that others on the list share with me, I took today's
digest into Wordpad, and eliminated all the extraneous repeats. The
original digest file was 90K long. With the repeats cut, it shrank to
only 31K in length. This indicates that roughly 2/3 of the messages
were extraneous. I was rather generous in what I left there, too, with
some prudent cutting, it could perhaps be made even smaller. There's
not much worse in my book than seeing page after page of the list
beginning with ">" or even "> >> >>>", indicating a quote included in a
quote included in a quote.

I know I'm probably stepping on toes here, and since I'm not a
Sinclair, only reading for the pure enjoyment of learning history, I
may have no standing in the list to make these comments. But, at the
risk of having to duck numerous projectiles thrown from all over the
world, I plead that you only repeat enough of the message to which you
are replying to provide a context for your
answer/comments/compliments/complaints/etc. It will make those who read
the messages thank you many times for your courtesy. After you hit the
"reply" button, it's not hard to cut a portion out at all. Simply
position your mouse at the beginning of the portion you wish to cut,
hold down your left button, and drag to the point you wish to stop
cutting. The selected text will then be of a different color or will be
highlighted. At that point, just hit the "delete" key and, magically,
it's gone!

My apologies in advance to those of you whom I've offended with this,
but your few seconds spent doing some simple editing will save list
members countless minutes or even hours of time in the aggregate.

OK, let the projectile throwing begin, I'm ready for you!

Ken DeBusk, Michigan, USA

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