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While looking through mounds of paperwork for information on kidnappings I came across this information that I wrote down quite sometime ago.
  I don't know from source this came from because back then I was dummer than now on doing genealogy so I can't help there.
   major port of departure- Glasgow
   should have papers w/permission to emigrate.
   1. departure records are generally kept under       jurisdiction of port of departure.
   2. or by the state or natational gov. where the       emigrant lived, such as permission to emigrate.
   Need to Know:
 1.  emigrants state or region of residence
 2.  and/or port of departure
 3.  when emigrant left the country or port

  Some indexes are available in some countries

For Scotland
   Document - Treasury papers
   Dates Covered - 1715 - 1820
   Originals - Public Record Office
               Chancery Lane
               London WC2A ALR
      Treasury Papers T47
      Emigration Reg. 23 Vols.
  Copies - portion published in New England Historical and Genealogy Register (1911)
  Misc. 12. 1773 - 1776 Lists from Scottish Ports:  Grennock, Kirkaldy, Wigtown, Kirkwall, Stornaway, Stranraer, Lerwick, Glasgow. 
  Misc. 1:500, 231-235 Scots Highlanders to America, 1774
  Misc. 1:338, Scots Highlanders to America 1776

  Hope this information will help someone.  I am still trying to find out about records for kidnappings.  These kidnappings took place for indentured servants.

  Does anyone on the list know what the "Outer Liberties" of Philadelphia entailed in the 1700's?
  Donna St. Clair Willis
  Donna St. Clair Willis

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