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Re: St. Clairs of the Isles

The service Wanda has come across seems to be the perfect answer to the
problem of more people having access to what sounds to me like an
interesting book. There would certainly be enough sales of the C.D. just
from members of this list to finance the service especially if one of us had
a copy to loan for the scanning. Maybe someone has a copy that they would
like rebinding? Or one of the libraries that have been mentioned as having a
copy? As far as I could see the price of the finished C.D`s is very
reasonable. I would certainly pre order one.

One of the best features of the project is everybody wins: the
archives gain by having their books rebound as well as receiving
additional rare books, while the genealogy public wins by being
able to purchase CD-ROM copies of rare, out-of-print books crammed
full of genealogical facts.

More information about the CD Books project can be viewed at

Hears hoping this can be achieved.

Ian Patrick St. Clare.

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