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Acorns and Publishers

Two major myths about Oak Island debunked:

Acorns float
There are still Oak Trees on Oak Island

	Bradley certainly stirred controversy with his book...he's been trashed by
just about everyone...Holy Grail across The Atlantic and Grail Knights
combined posit a number of interesting theories and interpretations...but
few "facts"...it's almost as though Bradley knows that he can publically
advance the story more by enraging people to debunk him, than by "proving"
anything...and of course, he'd need to be controversial to sell books - so I
wouldn't expect publishers to vet stuff too much really...


I found this while reading about Rennes le Chateau.

The most bizarre chapter in the story of Rennes-le-Château may have to do
with the Money Pit mystery on Oak Island just off Nova Scotia. According to
Michael Bradley, some of the keepers of the Grail may have come to the New
World long before Columbus. (Key proof: acorns do not float, he notes.) He
believes that some of the Templars may have fled to Canada after the
dissolution of their order, carrying the Grail. (The Money Pit has more
often been associated with pirates' buried treasure, but as many know, the
"Jolly Roger" flag's skull-and-crossbones icon has long been associated with
Masonic and Templar legend.) The so-called Venetian "Zeno Map" of the 15th
century shows a knight with a sword standing where Nova Scotia is. (The
Sinclairs of Scotland are "hereditary lords of Rosslyn Chapel" and are said
to be descended from the Scots Guards, a clique loyal to the Stuart dynasty,
which in turn are thought to have contained converted members of the Templar
Order who fought with Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, and to have provided
the basis of Freemasonry.) In the Money Pit on Oak Island, a mysterious
stone inscription was found: "FORTY FEET BELOW TWO MILLION POUNDS ARE
BURIED." Every company that has tried to locate this treasure has failed

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