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RE: Oak Island = GUNN

well this is a bunch of stuff to get into...

	It's true...you can't get on the island without permission of one of the
three landowners...Fred Nowlan owns a bunch of plots in the swamp area, and
he sold one to Robert Young a half-dozen years ago. Titon and Dan
Blenkenship own the causeway, and 2/3 of the island, including the Money
Pit, Cave-in Pit, and Smith Cove areas. Since April of 1999 Triton and Dan
have been fighting in court and the world awaits the outcome. Nothing will
happen until they sort it out - and it;s deep complicated and nasty...

	Dan Blenkenship has put a lot of time and energy into the Island. He is
definitely a driven man who has his own ideas...I have spoken and/or visited
with him many times. He has watched hundred's, nay thousands of fools come
and go, each with their own theory. He has entertained authors and opened
his files to many only to see them say the unkindest things about him in
print - he definitely comes off as a wacko...

	But right now, to most of the world - so are the Sinclairs...so I have not
formed a complete opinion yet, on Dan either...But Dan didn't mention the
Gunn clan rock in the barn...I'll give him a call and ask about it...

	The sub reference may not make sense to this list, but a number of years
ago the famous Woods Hole institute and The Bedford Institute of
Oceanography in Halifax did a complete scan of the area. I have not seen the
results, they are in the hands of very few. The work was paid for by a
Boston Businessman.

	I have already written about the stone, Fell and others have translated an
inscription that in pretty well unanimously agreed not to be the
original...I concurr.

	I don't know about George Young's find, but I do know that Hubbards is not
"near the Ovens" in any sense - by land or sea...it's a hour away driving
and a six - 12 hour sail depending on conditions...which are not always

	As for the Lily Lake hieroglyph - it may well exist - but Niven, Malcolm,
Bill, Dr Tim W-M, Marilyn Hopkins, and I failed to locate it after weeks of
research on the phone and four hot hours tromping around the bush last

	The Mystery Walls are definitely interesting, although not necessarily
connected to the Sinclairs - apparently they pre-date Prince Henry. But this
much is true: the 470 foot wall described is not 4 - 7 feet wide - but 3-4
feet...the construction is not 22 feet high anywhere - but runs along a
ridge that gives that height on one side...the highest constructed part
might be six feet...The raised part of the "house" is probably not an
altar - but is a huge rock on which the north part of the building is

	The Mystery Walls are definitely one of the most interesting places in the
province - the other two being Oak Island and the 10,400 Paleo-Indian site
at Debert at which 10,400 year old Latin American artifacts have been found.

	I'm not aware of a Pentagram at Lunenburg Bay - although I'd like to know
more about it...New Ross, in the end, doesn't look like much...

	The George Young mentioned is covered extensively in the Oak Island Mystery
Book by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe (who also have a book about
Rennes-le-Chateau)...he is an Ogam expert and was the first to suggest that
figures in the Poussin paintings are holding their fingers in Ogam - a
written language that also communicates in hand signals - and on down a line
of specualtion from there...

	interesting stuff, though...

			rob cohn

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FYI, the search continues......

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Hey guys ;

    First off , nobody is allowed on Oak Island without permission from the
landowners .  I had an opportunity to go along with a friend of mine who
drills wells and was hired by Dan Blakenship to drill three holes (no gold)
.  The shield of Gunn does exist , i do not know the age of it and it was
found several years ago .  Nobody has dated it .  It was just under the
surface , a few inches , found leveling the dirt for a barn floor .  The
characters are evident , even without the chalk . Blankenship believes the
treasure is below the island , i think he has treasure fever.

    As far as the sub , i have never heard any more than the idea .  The
naval sonar ship , i think "Provos" did hydrographic studies of the area
between Oak Island and Frog Island , the results of the scans was only
released to the Triton Alliance .

    The black porphry stone found at the ninety foot mark of the supposed
"money pit" , was translated ; "Forty Feet Below , Two Million Pounds Are
Buried" , who
translated this particular message i do not know but , it seems to me all
too convenient.  George Young had the inscription translated by Barry Fell
and it read ; "The people will perish in misery if they forget the Lord,
alas . The Arif , he is to pray for an end or mitigation to escape contagion
and winter hardships" . Dr. Fell thought it to be a Libyan script , of
Libyan-Arabic dialect .  Young found a settlement in Hubbards , near the
Oven's , in which he felt was occupied by a Egypto-coptic
race and the money pit could actually be an old burial mound .

    The Gunn shield is on Oak Island but , in Lily Lake , near Halifax
another shield is evident but is divided into four segments , each contains
a symbol , a star , a moon, a cross and a sun or disc (maybe comet).  A
short distance away in Admiral park is a Dolmen and across the basin is a
site called the Mystery Walls built in rubblework technique .  This site has
a still standing front wall over 470 feet long and at least 4 to 7 feet
thick and at 4 to 22 feet high. It contains one 5-sided building , not a
pentagram and what looks like an elevated alter area .

    The pentagram at Lunenburg bay is comprised of symbols carved on the
cross stones and one called the Hedden stone as well as the standing stone
in New Ross.


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