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Fw: New StClair Queries Post

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Date: Thursday, October 12, 2000 1:27 PM
Subject: New StClair Queries Post

>StClair Queries
>A new message, "St. Claire," was posted by jill morris o'brien on Thu,
>12 Oct 2000  It is a response to "James St. Clair & Mary Gallagher," posted
>by Johnna St. Clair on Thu, 21 Oct 1999
>Surname: St Claire, Claire, Clair
>NAME: jill morris o'brien
>EMAIL: jillobrien@compuserve.com
>DATE: Oct 12 2000
>URL: http://
>QRYTEXT: I have aslo been researching the St. Claire name. My
mother-in-laws mother was supposedly named Marie or Bridget St Claire. She
is said to have come to Brooklyn, NY, from Wexford, Ireland around 1900. She
might have had a brother named James and certainly named her son James. Does
this ring a bell with your research?.
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