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Sinclair Dates

   [1]Sinclair Dates:  October 12.
   In 1704: James Sinclair of Dunbeath,
   [2]Created Baronet of Nova Scotia
   In 1699: Caledonia sails, The Caledonia sails from New York. Alexander
   Campbell of Fonab leaves Scotland for England, where he is to find a
   ship that will take him to the Caribbean and the Colony. The
   Council-General of the Company agrees to ask Parliament to send an
   Address to the King, asking for his protection. Also send one in the
   name of the Company. Daniel Mackay leaves for the Colony on the Speedy
   Return. .
   [3]Tomorrow:  October 13.
   In 1399: Henry IV,
   [4]King of England
   In 1307: Knights Templar Escape, [5]Fleet escapes from La Rochelle to
   Scotland and Portugal. [6]The Bruce would have had need of their
   fighting skills and their treasure, but he could not risk another
   [7]Albigensian Crusade by welcoming them openly.
   In 1307: Knights Templar Suppressed, Philip the Fair of France
   [8]suppressed the Knights Templar on charges of heresy.


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