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Re: Sinclairs in Boston

 Thanks for the reply. We are related!!! Can't believe I finally found one of the long lost cousins My geneology is identical to yours except I don't find an older brother Hugh.the ggranparents and gg granparents are the same.Keep in touch .My e-mail is nfletchm@yahoo.com    I live on Nantucket Island off the coast of Massachusetts.                 Yours aye   Natalie Fletcher

  John Liley <firstmortgage@beehivecredit.com> wrote:



Upon further research in the info I had at home this is what I found.John G. Sinclair  born Sept 22 1876 Perth Scotland had an older brother Hugh Tolemac Sinclair born Jan 10 1865.  Hugh is my Great-Grandmother's Father or my GGGrandfather.  My GGrandmother was Francis Annie Sinclair born Nov 1 1895.  Hugh T. and John G. 's father was James Sinclair and Ferguson Conqueror their mother.  James Sinclair's father was a Hugh Sinclair and mother was Christina Munro.  John G. was married to a Lena Russell.  Let me know if you have anything different.  This info is from the LDS Family History Library.  My Great-Aunt flirted with Mormonism in the sixties.


John Liley

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