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Re: Sinclairs in Boston

We're related.  I have the info at home as far as genealogy.  Frances or Ann is my Great-Grandmother I can not remember just now.  She married a Henry Joseph Trusselle and had my Grand-Father William Henry Trusselle.  Here is my e-mail firstmortgage@beehivecredit.com Howdy Cousin.  Please forgive the Howdy I now live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Yours Aye
John Liley
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Subject: Sinclairs in Boston

My grandfather,John Gardiner Sinclair b. Perth,Scotland 1876, came to America as ayoung boy with his mother,Ferguson Conqueror Sinclair, father James and 8 siblings, Ann, Charles,Daniel Jessie, Frances, James & Ferguson.They immigrated to Orlando Fla. and from there John and Ann moved to the Boston area. I have no trace of the other siblings. Wonder if this sounds familiar to anyone. I am new to the list and Am really enjoying and learning alot from your discussions. Thanks,                                                                  Natalie (Sinclair) Fletcher

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