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Re: Health


This subject is near and dear to my heart (if you will pardon the pun),
having suffered three separate heart attacks in 40 minutes on August 23,
2000. The ambulance crew told me they "lost me" twice before getting me
to hospital, and had to use the defib paddles, which by the way leave
rather large burn marks on one's torso! I am now at home allowing my
heart to heal, and I am an out-patient at a rehab hospital to determine
if damage is severe enough to require surgery or not.

This at age 56 in an otherwise trouble free life, health wise. For the
record, I am 6' 0" and weigh 172 pounds. I should also add I have given
up smoking August 24, 2000 and am exercising with vigor twice daily!

Donald J. Sinclair
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada 

> dgiff245 wrote:
> We have discussed quite a few traits that are shared by us Sinclairs.
> Noses, eyes, hair lines, moles, etc. Is there also a heart problem
> that is common among us? My family seems to have this problem.
> Cardiomyopathy
> Just curious,
>     Dorothy
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