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Re: Jacboties

At 21:44 01/11/00 +0000, you wrote:
> There can be no apology for the Highland Clearances without an act of
> institutional contrition. Let the highlands be resettled by those who can
> prove that they are descendants of cleared highlanders and other cleared
> Scots. It would be a simple matter of ammending the laws of immigration and
> citizenship. It surely would bring a lot of investment into the country.
For what it's worth, my own view is that the Scottish Parliament should not go about raking all this up again. It smacks of a bit of a political stunt by Jamie Stone. It is not a topic to meddle with: in this list alone, we have seen how emotive the subject can be. It should concentrate on its core function of legislating for the people in Scotland. I think it is fair to say that most people here have put the pain of the Clearances behind them.

IMO, to think that the process can be reversed and the Highlands 'resettled' by descendants of emigrés is slightly fanciful. I'm not at all sure that there would much interest anyway.
No, if the Highlands are to be repopulated and the Scottish Parliament is to demonstrate any sort on contrition, the Parliament should open its chequebook and start spending on the infrastructre (esp. digital) so that 'settlers' can live rurally and work remotely.
PS - Jacboties ???


An excellent summation of the situation.

Always remember, Governments open cheque-books with our money.  Subsidies
are rarely (if ever) a long term answer.  In any event, any returning 'settlers' would
be like fish out of water.

Information Technology will bring people back to the Highlands without any need for other inducements. As you rightly point out, people can live 'rurally' and work 'remotely'
- thanks to the IT at our finger-tips.

My brother's book "A Feeling for the Land" suggests (among many other things now
being adopted by the majority of EU countries) that we could reduce our National
Health Bill by half if we got people back to the countryside - if only so that they could
walk on Mother Earth rather than on concrete.  IT will make this a reality.

Finally, Man's ability to deceive himself is undoubtedly his most developed faculty.  I
have seldom read such flawed reasoning being advanced as an excuse for the failure of the
some Scots to 'make good' because of "multi-generational traumas" they suffer as a result
of what happened to their ancestors during "The Clearances".  Such people need a kick up
the backside rather than pseudo-psychological twaddle of this kind which merely invites
them to do nothing to help themselves.  True, it provides employment for psychologists
but the end-results are purely negative.  I hope Sinclairs are wise enough to avoid this
escape route - this 'shifting the blame' syndrome.

There is only one person responsible for one's own failures - one-self!!

It isn't one's mother or father, or brothers or sisters, or teachers or bosses, or this
syndrome or that syndrome, or this abuse or that abuse, or past traumas experienced
by one's ancestors which result in failure.  It is the thought which suggests failure.
Our best friends and our worst enemies are our thoughts.  Think failure and you will
assuredly get failure.  Think success and you will reap success.  The recipe is as
simple as that.  The ingredients are within us.

Niven Sinclair